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CATEGORY: Bedrooms

All of our Learning Center articles about bedrooms, gathered in one handy place. Scroll down to learn more!

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FEATURED: Pros and Cons of Amish Furniture

Amish furniture has a reputation of being some of the highest-quality furniture out there. But are there any negatives to buying Amish furniture? Check out our article for more!

bed size

What Bed Size is Right For Me?

It can be difficult to figure out what the best bed size is for your room. Here is a handy guideline to help you figure out what size is the best for you and your space!

platform bed

Is a Platform Bed Right For Me?

Platform beds are very trendy these days, desired for their clean lines and their style. But there are pros and cons- is this type of bed right for you?

headboard buying guide

Headboard Buying Guide

There are a ton of different options when it comes to buying a new headboard. What type of material? What shape? Check out this handy guide to see what you like the best!

king vs split king

King vs. Split King: What's the Difference?

The split-king mattress is becoming more popular with our customers- why would someone consider that? What are some of the drawbacks?

drawer construction guide

All Drawers Are Not Created Equal

The quality of a dresser, chest-of-drawers, nightstand, or china cabinet can often depend on the construction of the dresser. What should you look for? Check this handy guide- complete with images!