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What Bed Size is Right For Me?

by Nick, Digital Specialist | April 29, 2021

It can be difficult to figure out what the best bed size is for your room. Here is a handy guideline to help you figure out what size is the best for you and your space!

A wise man once said, “the more bed you have, the less bedroom you have.” Think about it- the bigger the bed, the less room you have in your bedroom! With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at each of the most common bed sizes and what size room you might need for each.

Queen (fits 2 people)
Let’s start with the most popular size. Queen mattresses measure 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, and are designed to fit two people comfortably without taking up a crazy amount of room in your bedroom, and allow for the right amount of individual space. We’d recommend a minimum bedroom size of 10’ x 11’. You’ll also need one solid wall that’s at least 10’ long (meaning, that it isn’t interrupted with doors, tall windows, etc.). That 10’ wall will allow enough space for the head of your bed, plus two nightstands that are each 30” wide.

King (fits 2 people)
This is the next-most popular size, aside from the queen. Kings are the same length (from head to foot) at 80 inches, but they are a lot wider, at 76 inches. King beds are more luxurious and allow more room for a couple to spread out, and would also allow extra room for a pet or a child. Since king beds are bigger, you’d need a room that’s closer to at least 12’ x 11’, as well as a solid wall that’s 12’ long without interruption.

California King (fits 2 people)
California King is not very popular where we are located on the East Coast. This bed is a little narrower than the standard king (72” wide, versus 76” for the standard), but also longer, at 84 inches. This bed is great if one person is especially tall, but in our area of the country, it can be difficult to find bed frames and sheets for this size without special-ordering them.

Full (fits 1 person comfortably)
Full-size is actually not all that different from queen; while queen is 60 inches x 80 inches, full-size is 54 inches x 75 inches. So then what’s the purpose of a full-size? Sometimes, a room is just a little too small for a queen-size, so full-size could be a better fit for that particular space, especially if it’s a guest room or a kids’ room. Speaking of kids, a full size is a great upgrade for a growing child who’s been sleeping in a twin-size for so long.

You’ll need a room that’s roughly 9’6” x 10’6” to fit a twin. You’ll notice that this isn’t that much different than queen, because the mattresses aren’t all that different in size- full-size is just 6 inches narrower and 5 inches shorter than queen!

Twin (fits 1 person)
This bed size is just right for one person. It’s most common as a kid’s bed but can be found in smaller bedrooms for one adult, or guest rooms. Twin-size beds are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. When kids move from a crib or toddler bed, they usually start with a twin size. Also, most bunk beds and daybeds will hold a twin-size mattress. You can put a twin-size bed in a room that’s as small as 7’ x 10’.

Twin XL (fits 1 person)
Also known as twin extra long, this is the same width as the twin-size mentioned above (38 inches) but is 5 inches longer, making it 80 inches long. Twin XL beds are most commonly found in college dormitories. You can also put two twin extra-long beds next to each other to make one king-size bed. This might be a great option for two people who have wildly different sleep needs or need vastly different comfort levels, but this can be more expensive since you’re essentially buying two mattresses.

Last but not least, please remember that these are not hard and fast rules- they are only suggestions, but this is a great place to start if you’re beginning to look for a new bed or moving into a new home. Best of luck in your search!