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CATEGORY: Construction & Materials

All the information you could possibly ever want about how furniture is built, and the materials they use.

VIDEO: What Does "Made in the USA" Really Mean?

What does it mean when you see the label that says it's made in the USA? What other labels might you see- and do they mean the same thing?

How To Clean Leather

Leather is known for its unique look, its softness, and its durability- however, it does require some extra maintenance and some special steps if you spill something on it. Click here for a handy guide!

Foam Shortages Affecting the Furniture Industry

Foam is one of the most important components of upholstered furniture, and it is in short supply right now. This affects supply and lead times for your new furniture- let's examine why this is happening!

Five Key Features of a Quality Sofa

We see this all the time: a customer sees two sofas that look almost identical. One is $500, and the other is $2500. The salesperson says that the $2500 sofa is "better quality"...but what does that really mean? Let's examine five key factors that contribute to a sofa's quality.

Pros and Cons of "Fast" Furniture

There is a time and place for "fast" furniture- that is, furniture that you can buy at a big box store that usually requires assembly. There are many positives but also some drawbacks you need to be aware of- check out this helpful article for a list!

What Is A Lift Chair?

We hear from a lot of customers who want to buy a lift chair that don't know all of the options that are available. Use this handy guide to see what features you might want in your new chair!

What is A Performance Fabric?

Lots of furniture stores advertise that a couch has a "performance" fabric- but what does that mean? Are they all the same? What sort of performance can I expect from it?

FEATURED: What Does "Made in the USA" Really Mean?

One common question we get from our customers relates to if their furniture is made in the US. That can mean a lot of different things- this article breaks down what that might mean!

Touring the Sealy Factory With Kenny

Our General Manager Kenny takes us on a tour of the Sealy Mattress factory in Paterson, NJ. Let's take a look at how a premium mattress gets made!

Mattress Construction Guide

These days, mattresses are constructed a variety of different ways. With coils, with memory foam, both...each one has their own positives and negatives, and one might be better than another for how you sleep. Which one is right for you?

The Great Debate: Fabric vs. Leather

One of the first things we try to find out from a customer is if they'd prefer fabric or leather- and many times, customers don't know! Here's a handy checklist to help you figure out what's right for you and your situation.

What Are the Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture?

'Tis the season for outdoor furniture! It should be easy to find out what your new outdoor furniture is made from...but does it all mean? Which materials are best for you?

The Ultimate Guide to Leather

Leather has been used on upholstered furniture for a long time, and is valued for its rich look and durability. But there are lot of different options when it comes to leather. Which option is right for you?

All Drawers Are Not Created Equal

The quality of a dresser, chest-of-drawers, nightstand, or china cabinet can often depend on the construction of the dresser. What should you look for? Check this handy guide- complete with images!

FEATURED Video: Sleep Roundtable Series

We've gathered some experts to talk about sleep- why is important? Why do you even need it? This video features expert opinions from Suburban Furniture's team as well as representatives from some of the nation's top sleep companies, including Sealy, Tempur-pedic, and Bed-Gear.

FEATURED: What Does "Solid Wood" Really Mean?

When you see something advertised as "solid wood," it usually means that the piece is high-quality. But there are some negatives to solid wood furniture- click inside to read more!