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How To Clean Pet Hair Off Your Couch

by Nick, Digital Specialist | August 1, 2020

Our pets are like members of the family, who happen to shed and leave their fur all over our couches. This article has some great tips for how to clean that hair off your upholstered furniture.

Have you been stuck at home for a long time, and maybe slacked off a little on the rules for your pet(s) being on the furniture? If you have, you’re not the only one. Lots of pet owners are in the same situation- where they allow the pet to sit on the furniture just this one time, and before you know it, the pet is snoozing with them on the couch every afternoon.

It happens all the time- no judgement here. But after a while, that pet hair starts to build up until it looks a little funky. We’ve already gone over some maintenance tips but if it’s gotten away from you, here are some household things you can use to clean it up and get it looking like new.

Use a vacuum: This is the easiest way to clean pet hair off the couch. Either use one of those little handheld vacuums, or use the attachment that comes with your regular vacuum. Don’t just use the vacuum on your couch, especially with the beater brush on- that could be too rough and actually damage the fabric. If there is a lot of fur or hair, you may want to consider one of the methods below before you vacuum, so you don’t clog it.

Use a brush: you can go to any pet store and get a brush that’s designed to pick up pet hair from your upholstery. Just make sure to follow all directions, as many of them are designed to work in only one direction and won’t do anything if you go in the opposite direction. Some pet stores also sell rubberized gloves with little nubs that can pick up loose hair.

Use a lint roller: Use this on your couch, the blankets on your bed, your clothing, or anything else that might have loose fur. Lint rollers are available in most stores (even the grocery store- check the aisle with the laundry detergent), but if you can’t find one, you can make your own by wrapping some duct tape or masking tape around your hand (sticky side out, please!) and pressing the tape against the fabric. Just be careful not to get the tape onto any wood parts, especially if it’s painted- you could lift the paint or veneer right off!

Try a damp washcloth: Make sure it’s damp- not soaking wet- and wipe the cushions of the couch in one direction until the hair starts to lift off. This works with a damp sponge or a rubber glove as well. You can also try this technique on an area rug, if the hair is embedded more than a vacuum can handle.

Water and Fabric Softener: Make a solution of water and fabric softener (you don’t need a lot) in a spray bottle, and then spray it on the surface of your furniture. Grab a small towel or a dry sponge and wipe it up from the fabric. Not only will the fur come up, but it will leave your couch smelling fresh and clean!

We all know that your pet is like family, and cleaning up is a necessary part of pet ownership. These simple household tips will go a long way towards keeping your furniture looking its best while keeping that pesky pet hair under control.