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power recliner

Troubleshooting Power Recliners

by Nick, Digital Specialist | May 4, 2023

Here some tips on troubleshooting power recliners and power reclining furniture that has stopped working.

Step 1. Make sure your power cord from the recliner is plugged in to an outlet in the wall.  It is possible the cord fell out of the outlet. Also make sure this outlet is not connected to a light switch that when turned off cuts power to the outlet.


Step 2. Make sure the power cord is plugged into the back of the reclining piece.  You may have to follow the cord up into the back of the piece to find where it connects to. Because reclining pieces move, it is possible the cord disconnected from the back of the piece.

plug at back of recliner

Step 3. Also, make sure the frame of the recliner is not sitting on top of any cords, possibly creating a short. Also make sure no cords are caught in the mechanism of the recliner.  If you free the cord from entanglement and the recliner still does not function, call your store. You may need a new wire.

chair frame on wire

Step 4. Many reclining pieces have transformer units connected to the cord. Follow the cord from where it is plugged into the wall. It will stop first at the transformer unit, usually a small black box. The cord then follows out of the black box on the other end and will connect with another cord that then is connected to the back of the reclining piece. There can be several connections along the way. Make sure they are all securely connected.  The black box often has a small light on it that will light up green if it is getting power. If it is not lit green the unit is either not getting or giving power.


Step 5. If the reclining piece is getting power and all of the connections have been checked, check to make sure the switch that is on the reclining piece that controls the reclining and power features is not loose.


Step 6. If you have checked all of these things and your reclining piece is still not working, contact your store for service.