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The Four Most Popular Home Decor Styles

from The Accent Wall | April 11, 2021

Our friends from a blog called The Accent Wall posted this great article on some of today's most popular design trends. If you're not sure where to start, this is a great article to browse!

When it comes to home decor, as with any fashion category, what’s popular changes over time. Some of the changes are surprising and some aren’t. Based on what I’ve seen in the industry marketplace, with our own clients and what everyone is talking about, the most popular styles for your home decor, in order, are:

  1. Rustic Farmhouse
  2. Modern
  3. Glam

The traditional style of furniture has really slid in popularity in recent years. It’s still in the top four, but definitely moving down the list. Resale shops today are full of the heirloom quality, traditional furniture our parents bought because the next generation it was intended to be passed down to just doesn’t want it.

Conversely, modern has been on the rise because young people like the more minimalist look. They want the simple, clean line look. They don’t want their taste to be seen as the same as their parents. Rather than furniture that will be around forever, they prefer to change the look of their home decor when they move; just toss out the old and get something new.

Here is a brief overview of the top four styles for home decor, what they are and what is trending with each.

Rustic Farmhouse

What really defines Rustic Farmhouse is the wood – the live edge, the natural wood tone. So many people are doing the shiplap, or wood ceilings, having visible beams – decorating with a lot of natural wood. That is the Rustic Farmhouse look. When it comes to Rustic Farmhouse accessories, everything is geared towards trees, branches, even pottery – anything that is more of a natural product. You have nothing that feels like it’s fake or a fake product. Even in the living rooms, you’re looking at more natural colors, fabrics and fibers, including leather.

I think what has made the Rustic Farmhouse looks so popular in home decor is you see so much of it on HGTV these days. Magnolia Home and all those shows really show a lot of that style. And, I think it’s just more comfortable. More people like that look and live in that lifestyle today. It’s just cozy and simplistic. Yet, it’s eclectic because you can pair anything with it really. Even the Glam style works with it.


Modern home decor is all about super clean lines. Nothing fussy. It’s no thrills, no fluff. It also tends to be brighter colors: more navy, more jewel tones. Modern furniture might have a simple metal leg, a real tight back. It could be tufted, but with simple, tiny little arms. The furniture tends to be not as deep or as big as other styles. And when it comes to accessories, a Modern house tends to have less artwork, less pillows – just a more minimalistic approach.

Modern is what younger people seem to like best. It’s what they’re coming in and asking for. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on it and want to be able to swap it out like any other fashion accessory. They don’t want big furniture sets that all match and are meant to be kept in one room together. Modern home decor allows them to be a bit more eclectic.


Like the name suggests, Glam home decor is more sparkly and shimmery. It has more beaded stuff, more fur and tends to be a bit more girly. It has a more “bling” feel to it. The colors are softer and tend towards the pastels. Blush is really popular, along with the soft greens and lavender. Accessories will have lots of chandeliers, lots of crystals.

You can see the Glam look in our Aico Glimmering Heights bedroom group that we have now. It has crystals in the headboard and a faux snakeskin on it. It has a metal leg and a clear plastic leg. So, we’ve decorated it very girly. It has a vanity with cool lights in it.


Traditional home decor has been skirted sofas, English arms and tea cushions. More of your Chippendale and cherry wood and mahogany. But today’s Traditional furniture is more toned down. It still has that old traditional feel to it, but the look has been updated so it’s not so 18th Century looking. It’s been modernized to a degree. This tends to be your darker woods and canopy beds. Brands like Hinkle Harris and Baker – they all lean towards traditional, but with some modernization.

There are other styles that are popular with different people, but these are the top looks you find most people leaning towards for their home decor today. And of course, you can mix and match looks, as more people enjoy eclectic looks these days.