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Wood Flooring Care Tips

from | January 5, 2021

Our friends at published this great article about how to care for your wood flooring during winter- we just had to share!

Our friends at one of our trade partners in the industry- just posted this awesome article about how to protect your wood floors during the winter. Winter weather can be havoc on your flooring, between temperature changes, salt from outside, and more, so we wanted our readers to be able to take advantage of these great tips!

Here are some tips to help combat the winter weather:

Invest in a Humidifier
Wood is constantly expanding and contracting due to the humidity levels in your home, both excessive and insufficient. Monitoring your indoor relative humidity to 35-55% and the temperature between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit can help maintain your floors and keep them protected. We strongly recommend additional humidifiers during the dry winter months, if this is not done then there can be negative effects on your flooring.

Use Welcome Mats
Use rugs and doormats to protect your floors from any water, snow, and salt that may be tracked into your home. Encourage guests to leave their shoes at the door to prevent the spread of the winter elements throughout your house.

Clean Frequently Immediately clean up any spills to avoid your hardwood floors from absorbing moisture. Clean any salt tracked in from outside as it can corrode your floors.

We hope these simple tips will keep your floors looking great for as long as possible. Stay warm this winter!