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The Ultimate Mattress Shopping Guide

by Nick, Digital Specialist | February 15, 2020

Mattress shopping can be confusing and overwhelming. This handy guide will walk you through the process and offer some tips about how to make this easy!

No matter which way you slice it, sleep is important. One of the best feelings in the world is to wake up refreshed and energized- and one of the worst feelings is when you get a terrible night’s sleep. Sleep can have an effect on your physical and mental health, and can help to restore your brain and your muscles. If you sleep eight hours each night, you really do spend one-third of your life in bed- and more if you watch TV or read in your bed.

Most people go shopping for mattresses every eight to 10 years, which makes it far from an everyday activity. For a lot of our clients, this causes anxiety. What should you expect? What is the process going to involve? Here are some tips and suggestions to make sure you have a successful shopping experience:


Take your time. It’s hard to make a judgement call on something this important after lying on it for thirty seconds, but your store will probably frown upon you spending the night. That being said, take your time on each one. Most professionals say that spending ten minutes on a mattress will give you a decent idea of how it makes them feel.

Wear comfortable clothing. Let’s clarify one thing: don’t wear just your birthday suit if that’s how you sleep, but wear clothing that’s loose-fitting and comfortable. You don’t go to bed in a dress shirt and slacks, so why would you test a mattress that way?

Shop later in the day. This is not always possible, but try to do your mattress shopping later in the day- maybe after you’ve spent the day at work and your body is ready to rest. This will more closely simulate how your body will feel at the end of the day.

Ask questions. There are a lot of things to consider- construction, materials, quality, price, and more. Don’t be afraid to ask your salesperson questions along the way! Find out what their return policy is, along with what kind of comfort guarantee they offer.

Answer questions. A good specialist should ask you lots of questions with the goal of finding you the perfect mattress for you. Don’t be afraid to answer their questions honestly- they’re looking for the right fit.


Test a mattress with your knuckles. Plan to lay on the mattresses. Pressing your fist into the mattress is basically useless when it comes to figuring out if a mattress is right for you. Make sure you’re able to spend some time laying on some mattresses and getting a sense of what it’s doing for you.

Lay on every single mattress. This is a good way to confuse yourself and drive yourself insane. If you haven’t made up your mind after the first five or six, stop what you’re doing. Take a break- come back later if you need to.

Forget what goes under the mattress. Before you go shopping, take a look at what’s under your current mattress. The type of bed frame you have usually determines what goes under there. Does your bed frame require a boxspring? If you’re interested in an adjustable base, will your current bed frame be able to fit one?

Try a mattress without having your sleep issues addressed first. Some stores ask you some questions about your sleep habits, while others might have a diagnostic machine you can use to help determine where your problem areas might be. A store that is willing to discuss your sleep issues with you likely has your best interests at heart.