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The Truth About Furniture Delivery

by Nick, Digital Specialist | March 14, 2020

There are a ton of options when it comes to getting your new furniture delivered. What are they? What might the best option be for you? Check inside for more!

Imagine this: after weeks of spending your precious weekend time shopping for a new couch, you finally find one that everybody agrees on, and you decide to make the purchase. Congratulations! As you’re wrapping up your paperwork, the salesperson mentions in passing: “Would you like our white-glover delivery option, or would you prefer curbside?” It’s just one more decision you have to make in a long line of decisions you’ve already made, but it’s an important one. What does it all mean? Which one is right for you?

Curbside delivery: As the name implies, the delivery drivers drop the piece at the curb outside your house. This no-frills option is less expensive, and can be a great option for someone who is confident they can finish the job themselves. Be careful, though- with curbside delivery, the drivers may not take it off the truck for you. We’ve seen cases where the drivers will move your items to the end of the truck and expect you to be able to get it down. Also, don’t forget that curbside means you have to bring the piece inside and complete any setup or assembly that might be necessary. You’re probably also responsible for disposing of the packing materials and any other trash.

Returns might be tricky with curbside delivery, too. In many cases, the cost of shipping the item back is on you, and it has to be inspected for damage before any kind of refund is issued to you. Speaking of damage- if you choose the curbside option, make sure to ask what happens if an item comes damaged. Do you have a certain amount of time to report the issue? Is there a process to follow?

White-Glove delivery: No, they don’t actually wear white gloves, but choosing this option means that the delivery team does the work for you. They will take the piece off the truck and carry it inside for you, taking a lot of the responsibility off you. It is usually much easier to address issues with damages at this point, because you can report issues directly to the delivery team. White-glove can mean different things to different companies though, so make sure to ask what it includes. Many times, they will put the piece in the room of your choice, but sometimes they’ll only take it to the first room in your home, then you’re responsible for the rest. Check to see if your delivery includes setup/assembly and trash removal, as well. Often times this is included, but don’t be afraid to ask!

The biggest downside with white-glove delivery? Cost. This option is always more expensive, because the delivery team doesn’t volunteer! Don’t be afraid to ask what fees are involved. In addition, the schedule for this kind of delivery can be less flexible, so check to make sure their schedule can line up with yours. Usually, you’ll have several different days to pick from, but the delivery service will choose the time frame depending on what’s on the truck that particular day.

Pickup at a local warehouse: You might want to ask if you have the option to pick up your item at their warehouse center. This is a great option if you have the ability to move the piece by yourself and have a vehicle to fit it in. If this is an option, it’s almost always at no cost to you. The only thing to think about is any assembly that’s required- can they assemble it for you before you pick it up? Is there a fee involved for assembly?

Speaking of fees, one final note: the retailers that are offering “free” delivery are likely charging you somewhere along the way. It’s really tough to find delivery drivers who will work for free! Plus you know how gas prices are these days.

In short, make sure you know what “delivery” means before you decide. You’re excited about that new sofa- make your experience as great as possible by asking questions and knowing what to expect!