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Tips from Our Back Office

by Nick, Digital Specialist | February 16, 2021

Here are some great suggestions from the team in our back office. These will help you have an easy experience when calling or reaching out!

We polled the wonderful staff in our back office for some suggestions that we could pass along to our customers- things that they wished people knew before they picked up the phone to call. Here are a few helpful things they wanted you to know, in order to have the best and most efficient experience possible.

- We want you to respond! There is probably a reason you’re getting a call or an email from someone in our back office. From confirming delivery times to giving you an update on your order, they would always like to know that you got their message and everything is good to go. Unanswered messages can lead to confusion or frustration on both ends.

- Please read your paperwork: The paperwork you get at the time of the sale can have vital information regarding your purchase, including lead times, return information, and more pertinent information. Make sure to read it over, and ask if you have any questions about what you’ve read. This can include paperwork you get at the time of delivery.

- Furniture care: Many furniture stores hand out some paperwork on how to take care of your furniture. Take it, read it, and follow it! This can help avoid unforeseen wear and tear or damage down the road. If you don’t get this paperwork from your store, you can always ask your salesperson for some tips on how to take care of your new furniture.

- More is more: the more relevant information you can provide, the better! This way, the person you’re talking to can help you as best as possible. However, keep it short, sweet, and to the point- the office staff is usually very busy!

- They may not be the right one to ask: Office staff are trained to answer questions as accurately and efficiently as possible. However, depending on what you’re calling about, they may not be the right person to answer your question. This is especially true if your question has to do with a recent purchase- your salesperson, who is likely making a commission on your purchase, might be better to ask, and the person in the office can certainly point you in that direction.

- They may not have the answer immediately: If you’re reaching out to get some information that the office doesn’t have right away, they may need some time to do some research and gather the right information for you. Better to have the right answer than a fast one! Be patient- don’t hesitate to ask when you can expect to hear back. If you don’t hear back in that time, it’s okay to reach out again.

If you think about it, these tips certainly don’t apply to just a furniture store- these apply to calling a variety of places. Feel free to use these suggestions to find out what you’re looking for in the most efficient way!