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Ten Design Tips to Try While Stuck Inside

by Nick, Digital Specialist | May 6, 2020

Not only are you stuck inside these days, but you're stuck looking at the same old furniture each day. Here are some tips from our Store Designer, Paul, about how to freshen up your space without leaving your house!

Bedroom. Kitchen. Dining room. Home office. Living room. A couple months ago, those would just be a list of the rooms in your house- now, it’s your daily commute! Seeing the same things day after day can get mundane, but we have some solutions! We interviewed Paul, one of our Interior Designers (by phone, of course!) and asked him for some ideas for freshening up the look of your home without having to go into a store!

1. Purge. What better time to go through some of that clutter than now? If you can’t remember the last time you used it, or if it doesn’t have some kind of sentimental value, it’s time to get rid of it. Think of it as early spring cleaning, since de-cluttering can often lead to a neater-looking home.

2. Change out the hardware. You can order online and, as long as you know how to operate a screwdriver, you can usually change them out yourself. Handles and knobs in your kitchen and bedroom are super easy to change. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try changing out the door knobs and strike plates.

3. Photography. Find some new photos to frame and hang, or go through some old photo albums and swap out some pictures for some fresh ones. Photography doesn’t have to be of people, either- some of your favorite landscapes and outdoor photos can be great for displaying. If it tells a story, it’s worth it!

4. Speaking of can change out that dusty artwork that’s been there for cough cough years for something new. Don’t worry so much about coordinating colors and all that. If your artwork is meaningful, display it! Also, now is a great time to try your hand at some homemade artwork- you never know what you might be able to create!

5. Area rugs. If you find something you like online, it’s a great time to swap it out. Even if you don’t replace your old one, you should at least rotate your current one in order to spread out some of the wear and keep it looking fresh.

6. Speaking of rotating...since you’re home, why don’t you take a few minutes and rotate the couch cushions? This goes a long, long way towards keeping your sofa looking its best. Do the same with the back cushions. If those are attached to the couch, at least try to fluff them up by squeezing them and spreading the filling back out as best you can. (By the way, here's Part 1 and Part 2 of our video series about routine furniture maintenance!)

7. Try a new accent color. Let’s say you decide to keep your area rug that has tans, blues, and yellows, and you’ve coordinated it with your couch by adding blue throw pillows. Replace the blue pillows with some yellow ones- you get a fresh new look without having to replace the rug! This theory could apply to a lot of things in your home, so keep your eye out for these opportunities. You could also do this with lamps, accent pieces, and even your bedding and comforter.

8. Clean under your bed! Yes, we sound like your mother, can ruin that peaceful, serene feeling that your bedroom is supposed to have with a bunch of clutter under there. Take an inventory of what’s under there. If you have to store stuff under there, at least get a bin to put it in. Make sure you dust or vacuum under there, too!

9. Change your dishes. If you’re someone who keeps dishes on your dining room table, swap them out. Go get that other set of dishes you have and see what it looks like, or order new ones online. One trend we’ve noticed is people mixing and matching their dishes- no need to be matchy-matchy anymore. Mix up the colors, the patterns, and even the shapes!

10. Be bold. At the end of the day, it’s your house. If you’ve always been thinking about putting wallpaper on that one wall to make it into a bold accent, do it! Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite colors- even in someplace like your laundry room. Bold-colored baskets can make a room like that much brighter and more cheery. These great tips can help freshen up the look of your home, even while you may feel trapped inside it. A huge thanks to Paul for his input and his fantastic ideas. Happy decorating!