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Video Series: Sleep Roundtable

by Nick, Digital Specialist | June 27, 2020

We've gathered some experts to talk about sleep- why is important? Why do you even need it? This video features expert opinions from Suburban Furniture's team as well as representatives from some of the nation's top sleep companies, including Sealy, Tempurpedic, and Bed-Gear.

PART 1: Why is Sleep Important?

PART 2: The Comfort Test

PART 3: More About the Comfort Test

PART 4: Mattress Technology

PART 5: More About Mattress Technology

PART 6: Sleep Is Personal

PART 7: A Frank Discussion About Prices

PART 8: Buying a Mattress Online

PART 9: The Sleep System

PART 10: One Tip for Great Sleep