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Seven Tips to Spice Up a Neutral Space

by Nick, Digital Specialist | June 4, 2021

If you're noticing that more and more things these days are in neutral colors, you're not wrong! Entire home interiors are painted neutral more than ever, and many large furniture pieces are neutral as well. Here are some tips to help you spice up all these neutral tones!

If you’re noticing that more and more things are coming in neutral colors, you’re not wrong! One of the first things many people do when putting their home on the market is paint the walls a neutral color, to make it appeal to the most potential buyers. Apartment buildings are done up in a similar fashion for the same reason. If you’ve gone to any furniture store lately, you’ll find the same trend- it’s very likely that many of their large pieces are in some kind of neutral color. There is a reason for this- neutral colors work in almost all rooms and situations. That’s why they’re called neutral!

While it might make sense for the big pieces in your home to be in a neutral color, that doesn’t mean everything in your home has to be that way. Here are some tips for spicing up that neutral room.

1. Use a bold accent color: the best evidence of this trend is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021- it’s actually a combination of two colors. They pair a neutral gray called Ultimate Gray, with a bright, bold yellow called Illuminating. This is a perfect example of how to pair a neutral color with a bright, bold tone to give it some color and vibrance. One of the advantages of neutrals is that they go with almost anything, so feel free to include your favorite accent color here.

2. Get a bold wood piece: a well-placed accent table, cabinet, or credenza can make all the difference, and even work as a focal point. Wood furniture like this often has intricate details that can spruce up a room that is otherwise uninteresting. Plus, there is the added bonus of extra storage!

3. Push the limits of neutral: when most people think of neutrals, they think of beiges, browns, grays, and whites. A color like soft pink, sage green, or a soft blue can add a little pop of color while still staying true to the neutral palate. You could add these details in toss pillows, light fixtures, lamps, bed spreads, or even artwork.

4. Find a rug with a fun pattern: area rugs don’t have to be boring! In fact, this is a great opportunity to throw some color or pattern into your space. A bold, striking pattern can be a great way to spice up your room. In addition, if you have an open floor plan, an area rug can help define each space. And don’t forget how great it feels to have something soft under your feet!

5. Add a metallic element: We’re not talking about the metal handles on your bedroom dresser or the brushed nickel doorknob here. Pieces made with metal add some drama, and a small piece can make a huge impact. Lighting fixtures and artwork are two great places to incorporate this element. Tabletop pieces like statues would be a great way to work this into your decor as well.

6. Bring in different textures: There are a ton of different ways to bring texture into your space. Using leather instead of fabric for a sofa would be a great way to change it up, as well as throw blankets or fuzzy toss pillows. For a bolder change, consider a wallpaper that has a fun, unique feel to it.

7. Find a bold accent piece: it might require a little extra work, but you’ll know this piece when you run into it. Think of a painted cabinet with a bold pattern or a unique floral- imagine the impact that just one piece like this can have. Make it a one-of-a-kind statement piece that makes you happy when you see it- just be careful not to overdo it, because you can wind up with too much of a good thing!

Just because your space is neutral doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and vibrant- as we’ve listed, there are a ton of ways to add some life to a neutral space. We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips- happy decorating!