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Designing the Perfect Football-Watching Space

by Nick, Digital Specialist | August 22, 2021

Football season is nearly upon us! Here are some tips for updating your football-watching space to make sure everyone has a great experience!

In just a few short weeks, the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be hosting the Dallas Cowboys in the first game of the 2021 NFL season. This will be the 20th all-time matchup between the two teams, with Dallas coming away with the victory in 15 of their previous 19 meetings. This includes two playoff wins by the Cowboys, both coached by Hall of Famer Tom Landry: in 1982 (a 38-0 shutout win in which Dallas scored four rushing touchdowns) and 1983 (a 30-17 come-from-behind victory by the Cowboys). However, none of those previous Tampa Bay teams had seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady under center, so this matchup promises to be an entertaining one.

If those facts get you excited for football, then this article is for you! We can all agree that having a comfortable space for watching football is of the utmost importance- it just makes the whole experience better if you can’t actually be at a game. Here is a checklist of things you should have ready to go in time for Cowboys-Bucs (Thursday, September 9th, NBC):

- Comfortable seating: If you’re looking to design the perfect football-watching zone, comfortable seating is where you need to start. Recliners are the perfect choice for your sports space. Sitting on a regular couch to watch a game is one thing, but putting your feet up and leaning back...that’s a whole different experience! Depending on the number of people watching, you could use a couple recliners, or a reclining sofa/loveseat or sectional. Make sure you measure your space first so you don’t cram too much furniture into the room, though- reclining furniture tends to be bigger than regular furniture! Read more about reclining furniture HERE.

- A big TV...and something to put it on: Of course, you’ll want the biggest TV possible...but your room is going to dictate how big your TV should be. If you get one that’s too big, it could be like you’re sitting in the front row of the movie theater. You’ll also need a TV stand to go under your awesome TV. Keep in mind- your TV stand needs to be just a bit wider than the TV itself, so there’s less of a risk for tipping. When you’re looking for a TV stand, make sure you consider all of the components you’ll need to put in it- cable box, stereo equipment, gaming equipment, and more. If you want to read more about the right size TV and TV stand for your space, click HERE.

- Tables for snacks: Let’s be season is an excuse to eat all the great snacks. You’ll need a place (probably multiple places) to put down your food, because putting them on the arm of the couch is begging for disaster. Putting your plate on the floor runs the risk of your bare feet covered in nacho cheese (or worse, your perfectly good nacho cheese ruined by feet!). You’ll want to make sure you have a sturdy coffee table in the front, and at least two end tables for drinks. If you have room for it, you might want to consider a console table or buffet nearby for storing the extra adult beverages and extra food.

- Posters, signs, and artwork: If you don’t have signs, posters, or other decorations that represent your favorite team, how else will your guests know who to root for (or against)? In all seriousness- it’s your space, so you get to decorate it in your style and/or to show off which team you’ll be cheering for when the game is on. Just be careful- there is such a thing as overkill, and it is possible for your interior decorating to turn out looking like the inside of Applebee’s.

- A bar: If you want to go above and beyond, get yourself some kind of bar piece. Not only will you pick up a bunch of storage space, but it’ll give your guests another place to gather during commercial breaks. Plus, if there are some people who are not as interested in the game, they can gather around the bar to chat!

We hope these tips have helped you assemble the perfect space for watching the big game. And when your space is all set, be sure to invite the author over for a game!