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Do I Really Need a Mattress Proector?

by Nick, Digital Specialist | June 28, 2021

When a salesperson asks if you want to purchase a protector to go along with your new mattress, it can feel like an upsell- like they're trying to get you to spend just a little more money. But there are some great reasons why you should consider adding one!

Imagine this: you’ve spent the entire weekend shopping around for mattresses. You’ve lost count of the number of stores you’ve been to, and the different mattresses all seem to be blending together in your mind. But you’ve finally found one you like! You’re tired and you just want the experience to be over with, when your salesperson says, “Okay, let’s look at a mattress protector!” Sounds like another upsell that takes advantage of the fact that you’re at the end of your rope, right?

Wrong! Mattress protectors are a really important part of your whole sleep system. A retailer that suggests that you purchase a mattress protector is looking out for your best interests, making sure you have the best experience with your brand-new mattress. Let’s outline a couple reasons why it’s so important:

Spills and stains: It sounds kind of silly to worry about a stain on your mattress. After all, who’s going to see it? But this isn’t about looks- it’s about the integrity of your mattress. The materials used in a mattress can be delicate, so any kind of spill or stain that soaks into the material can affect how it performs. Because of this, most mattress manufacturers will void the warranty on your mattress if it’s stained in any way.

The warranty on your mattress protects you against a lot of things, including dipping and sagging. But if there’s any kind of stain, it’s highly unlikely that the manufacturer will honor any warranty that they’ve offered- and since mattresses are generally expensive, a warranty can be very valuable.

Microscopic “stuff”: Because you spend so much time on it, mattresses can become breeding grounds for things like dust, dead skin cells, and more. These can accumulate inside your mattress over time, so using a mattress protector can help keep them out. If you suffer from any kind of allergies or you wake up with a runny nose or itchy eyes, a protector can be important for preventing these symptoms. Mattress protectors can also help guard your mattress against bed bugs- much easier to wash the protector than throw out the whole mattress!

Two important things to look out for when you’re buying one:
- Make sure it’s waterproof: One of the main reasons to use a mattress protector is to protect against stains that might void your warranty. As a result, it’s crucial to make sure your protector is 100% waterproof- otherwise, something might slip by the protector and soak into your mattress anyway. If it doesn’t say it’s waterproof (and remember, there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant!), you’ll probably want to shop for another one.

- Make sure it’s washable: This is more for health reasons than anything else. It’s great that your mattress is protected if you spill something, but you still don’t want to be sleeping on top of that stain! Many modern mattress protectors are machine-washable, making this process very easy. Plus, washing it on a regular basis will keep it sanitary and free of dust and other allergens.

Other features you might find:
- Cooling: according to some studies, about 70% of the US population sleeps hot. As a result, many mattress protectors have features that help dissipate the heat that can build up throughout the night. This is a great feature to have if you sleep hot or if you’re prone to sweating during the night.

- Moisture wicking: This is similar to a cooling feature, but not exactly the same! If you sweat while you sleep, you may want to look for something that has moisture-wicking properties. These are usually made with a material like Tencel, which is used in popular sporting goods products like Under Armor.

Long story short, a mattress protector is an important piece of the sleep puzzle- it’s not just an upsell! Make sure you find one with all the features that are important to you in order to protect your investment and warranty, and also to keep you healthy!