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Is An Adjustable Base Right For Me?

by Nick, Digital Specialist | May 20, 2020

If you've been mattress shopping recently, you've probably seen these adjustable bases. They can have many health and lifestyle benefits, but are they right for you?

If you’ve been mattress shopping anytime recently, chances are you’ve been shown an adjustable base- the thing under your new mattress that moves your head (and often times, your feet) up and down. Even if you haven’t had the chance to try one, you’ve probably seen it in a TV commercial somewhere along the way. You might even know somebody that has one. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for everybody. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

WHO Are They For?
There is a common misconception that adjustable bases are only for old people, and that isn’t true. They can be beneficial for an older individual- raising the head all the way can make it easy for someone to get out of bed in the morning. Plus, there are all of the health benefits, but those apply to people of any age who would use an adjustable base. Anyone can take advantage of the lifestyle benefits that an adjustable base would offer. Think about how easy it would be to tilt the head up while you watch TV or use your phone.

WHY Should I Consider One?
There are a ton of health benefits to an adjustable base. One of the biggest benefits is for pressure relief- when it’s put into the right position, it can help to take pressure off of your joints and back. This will go a long way towards getting you a restful, interruption-free night of sleep. Pressure points are often the reason why you wake up at night- stiff joints, pins and needles, and muscle pain can all be caused by pressure in the wrong spot. It can also help reduce snoring and acid reflux by tilting the head up or down, and can also assist with circulation.
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WHAT Does It Do?
Quite simply, there are motors that lift a platform under the mattress that will raise your head. It may have a second motor that will allow you to lift your feet as well. The electric motors allow you to put it wherever is most comfortable for you. Some premium adjustable bases might offer massage functions, heat, under-bed lights, and more. There’s even one adjustable base that senses when you’re snoring and automatically tilts your head to compensate.

WHERE Does It Go?
This is an important thing to remember- just about every mattress can work with an adjustable base (except really old ones), but not all bed frames will be able to handle an adjustable base. The base can actually stand on its own with the mattress on top of it, but if you prefer to have a frame around it (with a headboard, footboard, and side rails), be careful because it’s difficult to use an adjustable base with certain types of frames. Adjustable bases are usually not meant to be used with a platform bed or a bed frame with storage drawers under it. Some companies are starting to make adjustable bases that will fit on these types of bed, but be cautious of the height it will add.

WHEN Shouldn’t I Buy One?
As we mentioned, if you have a bed frame that’s a platform or that has storage drawers, some adjustable bases might not work, and the ones that do may make your bed very tall. The other reason people shy away from them is the price. The price can vary wildly depending on the size and the features, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, with the most popular being right around $1,000.

In the right situation, an adjustable base can be a great solution, but it’s certainly not for everybody. If you’re experiencing pain and discomfort when you sleep, or you'd benefit from being able to lift your head to use your phone or computer, then it might just be worth the investment!