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How Do I Get Rid of Old Furniture?

by Nick, Digital Specialist | February 8, 2020

You've just ordered some new furniture- how exciting! But what do you do with your old furniture? See inside for some great tips and tricks!

Most of our clients aren’t furnishing a new, empty house- they’ve come into the store to replace old, broken, or outdated furniture that they already have. As a result, there is a very common question they ask as they’re about ready to place an order for new furniture: how am I going to make room for this new furniture that I’m getting? I still have the old stuff! Here are some of the best solutions to this common problem:

• Call your town: Speak to the Sanitation Department and ask what their procedure is for disposing of large items- this varies from town to town. Some towns will let you substitute an item of furniture for one of your garbage cans; some require the purchase of a sticker at town hall; others have special days or times for bulk pickups. It’s your responsibility to get it out to the curb, though some furniture stores may have their delivery teams help you for a small fee.

• Donate It: Do a Google search for local charities in your area that accept used furniture. The pieces generally have to be in good enough shape that they can be re-sold. Some charities will even pick up the pieces from your home, but you need to contact them in advance to provide pictures and schedule a time for pickup. The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity are three great examples. You may also want to consider donating your pieces to a house of worship, a school, or a theater group.

• Social Media: There are a ton of websites and apps where you can sell or give away used furniture and other items. Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List are two of the most popular websites for this, and there are apps like Letgo. Just make sure to protect your privacy, and only work with someone you feel you can trust. You can also post it on your own personal social media- maybe somebody knows somebody that would take it (see below).

• Phone a Friend: Do you know anyone that’s going to college, or moving into their first place? Give them a call and see if they want some free furniture! They might even be willing to take it out themselves. This can be a huge help for someone who’s just getting started.

• Professional Junk Removal: You’ve probably heard the ads for the companies that do junk removal. Usually, you’ll contact the company in advance and tell them specifically what you want them to take, and then they’ll quote you a price. Don’t forget- this is an estimate. This is usually the easiest option for a client, but also the most expensive.

• Ask the store: Sometimes, a furniture store or delivery company will offer haulaway or disposal. There is almost always a fee involved with this, but is usually the easiest since the delivery team will carry the pieces out for you.

• Leave it at the curb: A good, old-fashioned “FREE” sign might be all you need- you might want to consider this option before you try any of the options that cost money. Just make sure to check the weather- there’s almost no chance someone will take your free sofa if it’s soaked from the rain.

One other thing- this article generally doesn’t apply to mattresses, since most companies these days offer free removal of the old mattress with the purchase of a new one. Check with your retailer to make sure they can do that for you.

If you’re close to making a decision, make sure you have a plan for getting rid of the old furniture so nothing takes you by surprise. Friends, family, or even your local furniture store can be great resources for finding out what your best options might be, so don’t be afraid to ask!