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VIDEO SERIES: Distressing or Defect?

by Nick, Digital Specialist | May 9, 2020

We get a lot of calls to our service department from people wondering if a certain characteristic of their new furniture is supposed to be there. Let's set the record straight- are these things intentional distressing, or are they defects?

In part 1 of our four-part series, Kenny sits down with Gene, our Customer Service Manager, and they discuss some issues that are commonly perceived as defects. In fact, it's natural for many of these things to happen!

Part 2 of our video series features a discussion between Kenny and Gene about wood furniture. Some things that are thought to be defects by the customer are just a naturally-occurring part of the wood, or are done on purpose!

For part 3, Kenny and Gene take us on a tour of our showroom, and show us some things that our customers might look at as a defect in their new furniture. Is it really a defect?

In the final part of our video series, Kenny and Gene check out some wood furniture on our showroom floor. Are these things defects, or are they supposed to be that way?