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Distressing...or Defect?

by Nick, Digital Specialist | April 25, 2020

Take a look at some pictures right from some of our floor samples- are these signs of intentional distressing, or are they defects with the piece?

Customers sometimes look at these wrinkles as defects, but they're really just pleats that help the fabric fold the right way.

Wrinkles on the seat. Cushions will likely look like this over time. Make sure to flip and fluff to keep it looking fresh.

Wrinkles on the nose of the cushion. Again, this happens with use- flipping and fluffing will solve this problem!

See how the top and bottom of the cushion is curved? That's called a crown, and it's on purpose. The extra foam will wear down over time and prolong the life of the cushion.

This is a very popular casual look. If you don't like how the back doesn't line up, or if you think it looks "sloppy," don't buy this look!

Yes, we get calls about this. This has to do with the fabric- that's just the way that fabric is. Many microfiber fabrics will be like this.

We can't stress this enough- many pieces of furniture are designed to look like this. If you're not a fan of the look, check out some other styles.

This finish gives the appearance of being rubbed through- this is by design.

You guessed it- these color streaks are supposed to be there, and may change from piece to piece.

Natural wood furniture is going to have natural markings, like this knot in the middle of the table.

Color striations like this can happen with natural wood furniture. The amount of striation may change from piece to piece, too.

Natural marking from a natural wood table. What's on a floor sample might not be on your table, or vice versa.